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SimonFKM is the leading international Taiwanese manufacturer of Special Purpose Elastomer Composites compounds. We focus on research and development, collaborating with industry leaders, investing in world-class equipment and facility, and working hand in hand with our suppliers (Daikin, DuPont, Zeon, BASF and Solvay.) Our focus and our technical design services allow SimonFKM to custom design and produce the most cost-effective and the highest quality engineered FKM compounds, precompounds and associated products for our clients.

SimonFKM is both ISO 9001:

2015 quality management system and TAIWAN (ROC) Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. S-300 certified and we are committed to leading the industry in quality with our world-class manufacturing facility. In order to ensure we deliver the highest quality and most cost effective engineered FKM products and compounds, SimonFKM provides technical design services to each client to ensure our engineered products perform to and exceed each customer’s expectation.

SimonFKM Research and Development Research and Development

SimonFKM, the industry leader in Special Purpose Elastomer Composites research and development, is committed to advancing FKM designs and process innovations through partnerships with our suppliers Daikin, DuPont, Zeon, BASF and Solvay. The performance of our custom designed FKM are shared with our suppliers so we may continue to improve our formulas. Our clients produce the highest quality and most cost effective FKM O-Rings, Oil-Seals and Gaskets from our constant innovation.

Our in-house specialists not only design custom formulated FKM, but we also follow-up its performance with out clients. All performance data collected are shared with our supplier so we may constantly create the highest quality and best performing FKM compound and precompound.

SimonFKM Research and Development

Simon FKM application


FKM or fluoroelastomers with its high performance across a broad range of corrosive chemicals combined with good high temperature resistance makes it a vitally important sealing material across multiple industries. SimonFKM provide professional custom FKM design services for domestic and international clients in the manufacturing of O-Rings, Valve-Stem Seals, Gaskets, Hoses and other types of Seals.

Simon FKM using in chemical equipment

Simon Automotive Industry

Simon FKM using in semiconductor Industry

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