Valve Stem Seals FKM Component Sheeting

Simon Industry Corp.

Simon FKM

Technician: Mr. Thuong

Machine: Open Mixer, Twin Motor with Inverter

Beautiful BLUE color and excellent processing capability.

Simon FKM

Simon FKM specialized in the production of compounds in virtually any color and with many color effects. We can for example develop compounds with a pearlescent or metal-look. Also fluorescent compounds are possible, and compounds that change color under the influence of temperature. Finally, we can exactly match RAL and Pantone color.

SimonFKM Research and Development

Simon Fkm aquired a state-of-the-art measurement system to measure the color values of colored rubber compounds. Our customers can obtain a certificate stating the color values of the produced compounds. Color matching by our R&D department will be more direct, due to the easy comparison between desired color and fabricated color. This system will ensure even greater quality control for our customers and allow more accurate tailoring of the desired color rubber compound.

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