High Performance Rubber Compounds

Today’s industry sometimes operates under extreme conditions. High performance elastomers like ACM, AEM, ENR, FKM, FVMQ, HNBR and TPU (Ester/Ether) are materials of choice. Simon FKM provides state-of-the-art compounds for customized service.


ACM and Eethylene acrylic elastomers (AEM) are both heat and fluid resistant for flexible applications. Products range from hoses and dampers to seals and gaskets. AEM has good compression set resistance, but poor resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons, strong acids and bases. Simon FKM rubber compounds have ultimate solutions for you.

Fire retardant rubber compounds

Simon FKM fire retardant or flame retardant rubber compounds have distinguishing properties and offer you a solution for many applications.
All compounds are based on non-halogen (chlorine and bromine free) flame retardant fillers and smoke suppressant additives to obtain their fire retardant properties, nor do they contain heavy metals.


Simon FKM specialized in the production of compounds in virtually any colour and with many colour effects. We can for example develop compounds with a pearlescent or metal-look. Also fluorescent compounds are possible, and compounds that change colour under the influence of temperature. Finally, we can exactly match RAL and Pantone color.