Simon Industry Corp.

Simon Industry Corp. is an innovation and implementation-oriented company of Special Purpose Elastomer Composites. We focus on R&D and product innovation, that we can provide state-of-the-art products to satisfy customers need. To create value-added and competitiveness for customers, we cooperate closely with value-chain partners BASF, Chemours, DAIKIN, Mitsui and Solvay, etc. to provide the best solution solving problems of production and creative innovation.

Quality is Our First Priority

Simon Industry Corp. has ISO 9001:2015 certification and Taiwan Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. (AIDC) S-300 qualified supplier. We deliver the highest quality and the most cost-effective engineered products and elastomer composites compounds.

SimonFKM Research and Development

Research and Development

Simon Industry Corp. focus on FKM R&D and innovation through partnerships with our suppliers Daikin, DuPont and Our products makes our customer to produce high-quality and cost effective FKM O-rings, seals and gaskets. The special of us is R&D cooperated with suppliers, that we can provide the high-quality FKM compound and pre-compound.


FKM or fluoroelastomers with its high performance across a broad range of corrosive chemicals combined with good high temperature resistance makes it a vitally important sealing material across multiple industries. We provide professional custom FKM design services for domestic and international clients in the manufacturing of O-rings, valve stem seals, gaskets, hoses and other types of seals.


Industrial performance

  • AMS 7276 specification product: Provides O-Ring KIT produced by US military suppliers.
  • JIS B2401-4D specification product: In cooperation with a Japanese company, it provides O-Ring requirements for Japanese overseas plants.
  • FDA FDA food grade fluororubber products: It provides seals for well-known soybean milk grinders in the Chinese market.
  • Special-grade fluororubber: It provides the strap for the manufacturer to produce the world-famous 3C wearable wristwatch.
  • Electronics industry: To provide the use of Hhsin Chu Science Park famous wafer fab equipment.

Industrial Collaboration

  • AIDC Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation S300 qualified supplier, aviation rubber products.
  • NCSIST special rubber alliance, the only fluorine rubber supplier.

Simon Industry Corp., our philosophy on business is to create values for our customers and grow through their success.