Electronic/Semiconductor Industry

SimonFKM strictly adheres to the quality standards set by our ISO 9001:2015 and TAIWAN (ROC) Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. S-300 certification. Global leaders in the electronic/semiconductor have recognized the quality of our FKM and FVMQ for its characteristics to resist a wide range of corrosive chemicals, while subjected to high temperatures during wafer fabrication. 

ElectronicSemiconductor Industry

FKM and FVMQ seals are widely used in the electronic and semiconductor industries for downstream applications such as vacuum pumps and wet process applications. High quality FKM and FVMQ seals manufactured by SimonFKM can reduce contamination during wafer fabrication and exhibit excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, while offering high purity with low permeation and outgassing levels for semiconductor vacuum applications. Choose high quality custom designed FKM and FVMQ products from Simon FKM to improve your product quality and production yield.